NDIS Premium House Clean

NDIS Premium House Clean

This is what is covered in our NDIS Premium General House Clean

BATHROOM: clean bath, hand basin, front of vanity, scrub shower leaving showers and mirrors sparkling clean.

TOILET: Scrub and sanitize every toilet.

LAUNDRY: Scrub laundry tub, wipe over benches, cupboards, and appliances.

KITCHEN: Wipe down bench top put trinkets in correct place, fronts of cupboards and appliances, Scrub stove top and sink.

BEDROOMS: Dust photo frames, trinkets, all furniture surfaces.

LOUNGE & DINING: Dust photo frames, trinkets, all furniture surfaces.

ALL AREAS: Vacuum and mop.

When we wipe over any photo frames, trinkets, or other things you may have on shelving or bench tops we will wipe over them, wipe the bench/shelving and place back in correct spot.

With any mats we vacuum them then lift and vacuum, mop and place them back once the floor dries. (If there are mats with heavy furniture on top, we lift the edges of the mat.)

On exiting your home, it will be sprayed with a lovely freshener which lingers leaving your home smelling fresh and clean as you walk through the door.